About Charles Swires


Born and bred in Yorkshire with a twist of West Australia I have lived and worked in many places. I enjoy living and working in Western Australia.

Born in the 60s I have seen many changes many in the field of electronics. I owned a LED 7 segment display calculator at school which is really showing my age. Things moved on and CASIO soon developed LCD calculators with solar power and at the same time Sinclair produced an affordable home computer the ZX81. This is when I really started to get interested in computers. My physics teacher organised a club for the home computer users and we all used to talk about the latest software and had a go on each other’s machines, happy times.

From this I had a burning desire to understand how computers worked I bought books but they did not have the answer so I went on to study Electronics Communication and Computer Engineering at the University of Bradford. There I found some answers however, the microprocessor had been developed so the real understanding was hidden from view but we did see theory for the various logic systems which went into them.

I have gone on to make a career out of programming computers.

My hobbies include photography which fascinates me because it offers the possibility of recording a moment in an image or video which will perhaps never happen again. It is so difficult to compose a good image although it is easier today to go from the shot to seeing what has been recorded, it is also much easier to transport and market digital images. I have re-ignited my Ray-Tracer performing a conversion to Java and then adding many new features and a different algorithm in it's core to speed it up for 500,000 triangle scenes.

Take a look through this site to get a glimpse into my world.

Cheers Charlie