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I have, for a long time, had an interest in photography. My first SLR was bought for me by an Uncle when I was a teenager. It had an exposure meter with a dial which you turned to allow you to read off the exposure times versus the aperture which you had to set manually using another dial and a ring on the lens. The photos it produced were good and it gave you some knowledge of how the camera worked in various conditions.


Years afterwards I moved onto an OM101 which was one of the first electronic motor wind cameras. It could automatically set the exposure and aperture using the now usual P and A modes as well as a manual mode given an adaptor that you could fit to the left hand side. This made it easier to take good pictures and the through the lens metering also really helped when using the TTL flash I had for night shots. Took some great shots at the Finningly air show one time with my 60-300mm zoom lens.


I hadn't used my OM101 for a bit when I went part share on a fuji finepix camera, memories all bad with this one although it did offer video it was a poor camera for the money.


Then I discovered the Canon 400D which was my first DSLR fantastic. You can see some shots from this camera on the web page above and even purchase if you wish. I have moved onto a 500D now which offers more pixels and 1080P video. I take mainly portrait photos with some sunsets and varying objects that I find. I have joined a camera club last year and are trying to improve my shots all the time watch this space.