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Charles' Biography



Charlie is a software engineer with many years of experience in a variety of fields. Graduated from the University of Bradford in 1990 with a BEng (Hons) in Electronics Communication and Computer Engineering, his final year project was a Ray Tracer which allowed photo realistic images to be rendered by computer from a scene file containing light sources triangles and spheres of materials ranging from the matt to the reflective and translucent.


His career has involved programming a range of platforms from PCs to a multitude of realtime platforms: phones, set top boxes and control hardware. Languages used in order of descending experience are ANSI C, Java, J2SE, J2ME, J2EE, Android, JSP, HTML, Servlet, EJB, CSS, C Shell, Ada 83, BASIC, Pascal, xlisp, FORTRAN and Assembler. Operating systems again in order of descending experience are: Linux, Unix, Windows and VMS. People skills have involved leading teams, mentoring students and a little teaching. A City and Guilds 7307 for teaching adults was gained shortly before starting work at Echostar.


Charlie's hobbies are: yet more programming, this time, games and web applications; photography mainly portrait, wildlife, architecture and objects; and finally archery which is an excellent way to relax and meet people. He enjoys a technical challenge in the past built a remote control glider and plane as well as tinkering with numerous electronic projects.


Day to day entertainment is provided by an extensive DVD collection which covers a variety of genres: action, thrillers and sci fi. He has been collecting music over the years since the invention of the CD and enjoys listening to a variety of music new and old.